# GeteSIMOSUpgradePackageURL

The customer check the available upgrade package on the Lookup Server according to the version number.

# POST (opens new window)

# Parameters of Request

Name Type MOC Description Example
version String Mandatory Device version 000000
cardBatchNo String Mandatory Card batch number 20211208

# Example of Request


# Parameters of Response

Name Type MOC Description Example
code String Optional Return code, 0 means succeeded. 0
errorMsg String Optional Error description, error code is empty when there is no error. null
upgradeItem UpgradeItem Optional Information required for upgrade, returned if there is a new version, or it will be empty. /

# UpgradeItem

Name Type MOC Description Example
version String Optional Version number 000001
upgradePackageUrl String Optional Upgrade package URL, HexString /

# Example of Response

  	"code": "0",
 	"errorMsg": null,
      		"version": "",
      		"upgradePackageUrl": ""